Man Hit By Car While Crossing Street

Gerald Foster uses a motorized wheel chair to get around. He uses it to shop, go to restaurants and to walk his dog. Last Wednesday, he and other pedestrians were crossing East Liberty Street in Ann Arbor at the South Fifth Avenue intersection when a SUV turned west on East Liberty. The SUV accelerated toward Mr. Foster and he simply could not get out of the way. The SUV struck his wheelchair and right leg and knocked him to the street and then just drove away. Mr. Foster has indicated that before getting hit by the SUV, he allegedly saw the driver with her hand up to her ear, talking on a cell phone. He also indicated that he looked her in the eye as she bore down on him.

The 77-year-old driver was later found by Ann Arbor police. She reportedly told the police that she was "unaware of the crash" and that she would have stopped if she hit someone. She also denied being on the phone although she allegedly admitted to being in the area.

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