Two Common Causes of Birth Injuries

Advances in modern medicine have made childbirth safer than ever before. However, there are unfortunate times when a doctor or other medical professional is responsible for injuries caused before, during or after childbirth.

While birth injuries are not common, they can and do happen. Are you concerned that something may have happened during the delivery of your baby? Here are just two common malpractices that could lead to infant and/or mother injury: failing to control excessive blood-loss after the delivery and failing to monitor the oxygen intake of the infant before and/or after the injury.

If you think that you have reason to believe that either of these types of malpractices occurred during the birth of your child, contact Freedman & Freedman today to have your case reviewed by a Detroit personal injury lawyer that has experience in handling birth injury cases. With our help, you can file a lawsuit to seek damages for your child's injuries and suffering.