Two Officers Invovled in Motorcycle Accident with One Another

Two deputies from the Michigan State Police were involved in a motorcycle accident - with each other.

According to police reports the two officers were patrolling the M-50 south of US-12 when they attempted to make a U-turn. Lt. Tony Cuevas believes that one officer's tire hit the other officer's back tire as they were attempting to speed off to complete a traffic stop. Both officers fell off their Harley Davidson motorcycles; at this time, it is uncertain as to who made the 911 call alerting fellow officers of their predicament.

Both men were transported to the University of Michigan Health System to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. One of the officers was knocked unconscious by the accident, but was revived shortly afterward. Investigators are still looking into the case, questioning eyewitnesses before they move onto the two men themselves, who have yet to be questioned regarding the motorcycle accident.

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