Study Releases Accident Statistics Related to Gender

Recently, a study was released from a University in Michigan that pertained to exclusively to female drivers.

The study revealed that 21 percent of national road collisions were female-to-female car accidents. By gathering data from a national reporting service comprised of police reports, the researchers were able to derive this statistic. However, they had anticipated that figure would be lower, around 16 percent.

While these figures are high, the researchers also discovered that male-to-male accidents account for nearly 32 percent of crashes on roadways across the country.

Although the study was not able to provide reasons for the difference in these figures, a few hypotheses were presented. Some believe that since men generally drive more than women, they have more experience and confidence on the roadways. Another reason given was the usual height difference between men and women. If women are unable to see the roadway clearly, it would make sense that they would be involved in auto accidents on a more frequent basis.

Despite statistics and research, it is important that all drivers operate with safety in mind to prevent collisions. If you were involved in a car accident with a driver that was engaged in reckless driving, contact a Detroit car accident lawyer from our law office now to learn what legal options you have at your disposal.