Two Motorcycle Accidents Reported

One man is lucky to have survived a motorcycle accident that happened last week in Coldwater, Michigan.

According to the local sheriff's department, a woman driving an SUV cut in front of a motorcyclist, causing an accident. When officers arrived on the scene, the 30-year-old male rider was lying near a ditch with visible injuries. He was transported to a local hospital and released later that day.

As for the woman who caused the accident, she claims that she simply did not see the motorcycle rider. The motorcycle accident is still under investigation. At this time, officers believe that alcohol was not a contributing factor.

In a neighboring township, a woman lost her life in a motorcycle accident. News sources say that she was a passenger on a motorcycle that hit a deer crossing the road when she and her friend were thrown to the pavement. After being thrown, the woman was struck by an oncoming car and lost her life.

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