Couple Arrested for Prostitution Scheme

In the state of Illinois, a teenage girl was allegedly lured into the world of prostitution by an older man and his girlfriend. Now, the couple is behind bars on charges of prostitution.

According to police in Chicago, the 15-year-old victim was standing outside her house when she was approached by the older man. He discussed the possibility of prostitution with her and gave the girl his number to text him with. The next day, he picked her up and took her to a motel to try out her services for future clients. At the hotel, his girlfriend was present with her 1-year-old child.

The teenager was instructed to get naked and have sex with the 27-year-old man while his 21-year-old girlfriend watched. After intercourse, the girl was then taught how to approach clients, which she did later that night. However, the first person she approached was an undercover cop, who arrested her immediately. When she told the officer about her situation, he was able to locate the boyfriend and girlfriend team, which led to their arrest.

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