What is an Unlawful Police Stop?

Despite popular belief, police officers are not allowed to pull over any person that they feel like on a whim. Legally speaking, if a police looks to pull over a defendant, they must have probable and reasonable cause. For example, camping next to a bar and waiting for someone to pull out is not probable cause that they are under the influence. The following behaviors, however, would be enough for a police officer to lawfully believe that a driver was impaired:

  • Swerving;
  • Erratically changing lanes;
  • Driving down the center of two lanes;
  • Speeding and slowing without reason;
  • Driving without headlights at night;
  • Running red lights / stop signs; and
  • Not yielding to car with the right of way

In some cases, police officers will not wait until they have probably cause to pull a car over. While they might have the best of intentions to catch drunk drivers on the road, this vigilant behavior can sometimes cross a line and cause the innocent to be wrongfully accused.

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