Theft Call Leads to Drug Possession Charges

Police were able to arrest one man on multiple charges last week in the state of Michigan. What started out as a theft call led to drug possession charges as well say news sources. Officers in Flint were called to the scene of an abandoned house where three men had been observed taking items from the property. When police arrived at the scene, the three men took off, but officers were able to catch up with one of them. In addition to having scrap metal in his possession, the 44-year-old man also had crack cocaine and a synthetic drug on his body.

This represented just one of several arrests made over the past two weeks for possession of crack cocaine. One suspect, a 20-year-old man, was detained when he tried to sell crack to a police officer. A drug crime second suspect fled from his car during a routine traffic stop and tried to toss out a bag of cocaine as he ran away from officers. If you were recently charged with a drug-related offense, get legal help now by contacting Freedman & Freedman. Take the time to speak with a Michigan criminal defense attorney from our firm and learn how you can contest your charges in a court of law.