Wrongful Death Suit Filed against Helicopter Ride Company

A family that lost their son is now suing the company that owns and operates the helicopter in which he crashed. They claim that the company should be held negligent for the wrongful death of M.M., 33, of Sterling Heights. The lawsuit was filed in Macomb County last week and names a military and auto industry supply company as the part responsible for M.M.'s death. He was killed in a helicopter crash last year while he was riding as a passenger. The pilot, D.L., 46, also lost his life in the crash.

His mother, who filed the lawsuit, claims that the company did not properly maintain the helicopter, which caused the crash and unnecessarily took the life of her son. However, the defendants have already responded by saying that M.M. assumed all possible risk by agreeing to ride in the helicopter. According to reporters on the case, they also claim that "an Act of God" could have also been the cause for the crash. If you are thinking about filing a claim for the disheartening loss of your loved one, take the time to contact Freedman & Freedman now to enlist the help of an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer from our office!