Police Kill Pit Bull Following Attack

In New Jersey, police were responding to a disturbance complaint involving 3 pit bulls when the unleashed dogs charged at a woman and her young child, biting the woman on her arm. One of the officers fired a couple of warning shots in the air and then fired upon the dog that bit the woman. The dog was killed. The other two dogs were secured by Animal Control and were unharmed. The woman who was bit was treated at the Jersey City Medical Center and the child was held for observation after being traumatized by the attack.

A family member of the dog owner claims she was moving the dogs from the backyard to the garage in the front when the dogs got loose. She essentially blames the woman for the attack saying that the dogs were not attacking-they were playing. She claims that the dogs meant no harm to the woman but the woman panicked and screamed which excited the dog into biting.

While I feel sympathy at the loss of a family pet, dog owners must be responsible and keep their dogs under control so that they do not hurt others. Here, the family member took it upon herself to move the dogs. Since she could not keep the dogs under control it is her fault that the dogs attacked the woman and ultimately her fault that the dog was killed. It is outrageous that the woman seemingly blames the victim for panicking when faced with 3 charging pit bulls. I cannot imagine any person who would not panic under those circumstances. If you or anyone you love has been the victim of a dog attack, contact a dog bite attorney at our office to discuss your rights.