Connecticut Woman Filing Lawsuit for Losing Her Family in a Fire

Christmas of last year, Madonna Badger of Stamford, Connecticut lost her family to a horrible fire accident. She lost her three daughters and both of her parents at her waterfront property that morning. Allegedly she is filing a lawsuit against the state for financial damages that she suffered as a result of her house fire. It is suspect that the fire was an accident resulting from renovations that were being made on her house by a friend. Badger claims that she lost $3 million dollars’ worth of property because the Stamford officials chose to tear down the remainder of her house just one day after the fire took place. Badger accuses the officials now of destroying evidence that would help point out the cause of the fire and allow her the opportunity to retrieve compensation for her loses because of their mistakes.

Her ex-husband joins in the accusations against the city for claiming that the property city inspections were not conducted by the construction workers to ensure the safety of the family. Ms. Badger and her ex-husband were the only survivors of the terrible accident. Contractors from the city claim though that because the construction was being done by her friend, most likely a boyfriend, then there is no reason for the city to be held responsible for not checking up on safety procedures. It is reported that both Ms. Badger and her ex-husband are being represent by lawyers for the fires, claiming that their goal in the long run is not to win money, but to ensure that those who are responsible for the fire are held accountable for their actions. If the court rules in their favor, under the Connecticut law the city would be responsible for the funds lost in the fire. At this time health inspectors remain uncertain as to whether or not the city should be held responsible for the fire.