Motorcyclist Injured While Practicing Stunt in Michigan

A young man known for his skills on a motorcycle was seriously injured last week while performing. J.H., 20, has been listed in fair condition after striking a cable midair while performing a stunt. The young man was performing as part of a circus in the state of Michigan last week when his stunt went awry. He was attempting to perform a ramp-to-ramp maneuver when he struck the cable instead. The impact threw him from the bike and dropped him about 30 feet to the ground.

The victim was brought to a local hospital with multiple injuries as a result of the motorcycle accident. He sustained injuries to his right elbow and femur, both of which were repaired by doctors just hours after the incident. The doctors also listed a fractured wrist and scapular, both of which will reportedly heal on their own with time. Despite his young age, J.H. has been competing professionally for years. Doctors believe that he should be able to ride again after months of recovery. Were you seriously hurt during a motorcycle accident? If so, contact Freedman & Freedman to get the legal advice of a Michigan personal injury lawyer as you may have the right to file a claim for your wounds, medical bills, and more.