Thief Manipulated ATMs to Steal Cash

A man in Michigan is still on the run for stealing thousands of dollars from an ATM machine. Police believe he was able to manipulate the machine in such a way as to take the money without being charged for it.

While police have an identity and description of the suspect, he has been eluding police capture for several months now. He is being described as a tall white male that is 50 years old. The theft took place in August and now that police know who is responsible for the theft crimes, they are serious about capturing him.

A judge issued an arrest warrant for the suspect last week in Kalamazoo County. The police are requesting the public's assistance in catching this known theft crimes suspect. He has been formally charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. This is not the first time that this man has been wanted by the law. He was found to have spent time in prison for similar charges several years ago.

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