Abuse Exposed at Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation

Most would assume that when a patient is checked into a rehabilitation center for brain injuries they will be taken care of. This wasn’t the case for Peter Price who went to Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation in 2009 for treatment. One day when talking with his sister Jess, he shared with her the horrors of being beaten up while receiving treatment at the center, he pleaded that she help him get out of there. Price explains that they would hold him down and punch his face and groin. He sought to be transferred to another facility and when he received the news that it was being held up, he attempted to take his own life out of fear and desperation to exit his horror.

His attempt included swallowing AA batteries and 2 fish hooks that he acquired, as an emergency procedure they removed the objects and transferred him. Unfortunately Peter Price wasn’t the only victim; so far 20 other patients have come forward to share of their abuse while staying at this Florida care center. Along with these 20 victims, there are thousands of pages of documents and police reports and investigations along with autopsies that show the horrifying violence and deaths at this center. Allegedly, since 1998 5 deaths have been reported as a result of their violence. As of now 3 employees are facing criminal charges for the abuse of their patients.

Patients describe some of the foul treatments to be covered up as though the company designed beatings as a form of treatments. They tell of “take downs” which consist of the patient being knocked down to the floor and restrained by an employee, where they would receive a beating in the meantime. These allegations are merely the tip of the iceberg in the cases pilling up against FINR. If you or someone you know is being abused or mistreated at a care facility, contact the offices of Freedman & Freedman today for the legal representation you deserve!