Michigan Murder Sentenced to Life in Prison

According to the Washington Post, Elias Abuelazam was convicted last Friday for first degree murder, and now faces a lifetime imprisonment. Originally convicted in 2010 for multiple stabbings in Michigan and was just last week received his sentencing. The state of Michigan doesn't offer bail for anyone that is convicted of first degree murder. Elias is an immigrant from Israel, who is only 35 years old. It is suspected that he is responsible for the city of Flint, Michigan's fourteen stabbings which then led to 5 deaths. What reporters are calling a stabbing "spree" has left the town of Flint shaken up, even years later. Many of the people are glad to see him in jail for the crimes he committed. It is said that in the late hours of the night this man would trick the town's people into thinking his car broke down, and he was in need of assistance.

This scheme apparently fooled many people of this town, who just wanted to help a man in need. Unfortunately, it resulted in the death of five of their citizens. It is said that while in court, he merely grinned while receiving his sentencing, offering no cries or even motives for his actions. The defense attorneys tried to plea him as mentally ill and demon possessed which lead him to do the uncontrollable stabbings. However, the prosecution hired experts and they determined that there was no level of mental instability that would keep him from understanding the crimes committed. The judge said that there may be opportunities in the future for Elias to plea but he plans on speaking to victims and the families in order to receive more information on how they are feeling. If you or someone you know is being accused of a crime, you need a defense attorney that will fight for you. Contact our offices today!