Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settles for $8.25 Million

Advocate Lutheran Hospital is located in the state of Illinois, and according toThe Legal Examiner in Michigan, they recently settled a lawsuit that was made against them for over $8 million. A wrongful death claim was filed after a four month premature baby was born in their hospital died due to malpractice and neglect. While this baby weighed less than two pounds and had a heart condition, it was told to the family that the baby boy should be expected to live and heal well under medical attention. However, it is reported that there was an overdose of sodium chloride given to the little child, 60 times over what should have been administered resulting in his death.

Most of the indictment is being placed on the pharmacy technician who failed to pay closer attention to the details on the prescription which resulted in their typing the wrong dosage. As documented, the lawsuit states that not only was the mistake done in the first place, once it was realized, a hospital staff member then covered it up with the right informational tag without fixing the problem. Apparently, the little boy’s sodium levels were already reported as being high and the doctors never followed through with additional tests to check it which made him more susceptible to death.

It is also reported that the hospital never even attempted to fight this lawsuit, but rather settled at this high amount without fuss. This settlement is noted to be the highest payment in the state of Illinois ever for a medical malpractice. Measures are being taken by Advocate Lutheran Hospital to improve the technology, and to show the importance of accurate data entry because lives are at stake. It is said that this hospital is increasing their focus on the care of the patients to ensure this disaster never happens again. If you know anyone that has been accused of wrongful death, or has been a victim of it please contact us today.