Michigan Pilot Injured in 2nd Emergency Landing in 2 Days

An elderly man was trying to fly his stalled single-engine plane last Wednesday when the engine was giving him trouble. As a result, the elderly man had to land his plane in the field in an urgent, emergency fashion. Because of his need to get to the ground as soon as possible, the man hit the ground with a force. His wife told the press that he was banged and bruised. When she last communicated with him by phone, the older gentleman said that he was being stitched up at the South Haven Hospital. He had lacerations that required stitches and possible fractures.

Shockingly, this is the second time that he needed to make a rough emergency landing in the past two days. The day before, William Lawson was flying over his state when the engine on his small plane began to stall. He quickly landed the plane and repaired the engine issues so that he could take off again on Wednesday. Even though William Lawson has been a pilot for 50 years, he can't always control the issues that come with flying his plane. Manufacturing issues may end up causing him more serious injuries in the future, if he can't stay out of the air.

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