Assault Victim Had to Have Ear Reattached

The victim of a violent crime had to have his ear reattached to his head last week by doctors in Michigan City. One of his attackers has been captured and is in currently police custody. Local law enforcement agents say that there are still two more assailants believed to have been involved in the violent crime. One of the suspects, 39-year-old K.S., was taken into custody last Thursday on a charge of Class B felony battery. He was booked into a LaPorte County jail and is being held on $25,000 bond. The victim, whose identity is not being released to the public, was brought to a nearby hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery.

His left ear was reattached but the 37-year-old man is expected to have several more facial reconstructive surgeries due to the attack. According to the police report, the victim and one of his assailants were known to be arguing. They called a third party to meet them so they could talk, but the discussion supposedly got out of hand, prompting a physical altercation. Have you been arrested for a violent crime? If so, contact Freedman & Freedman now to get immediate assistance from a Michigan criminal defense lawyer who will do everything possible to help you avoid legal ramifications, like jail time.