London Family Wins Birth Injury Lawsuit and Receives Compensation

A young girl who requires 24 hour care due to a birth injury has finally had her day in court. More than 11 years after her injury took place, her family has been awarded 10.8 million pounds. According to the lawsuit, M.E., now 11 years old, was born at a hospital in Lincolnshire and suffered a seizure shortly after her birth. As a result, she was left with irreparable damages that require around-the-clock medical care. Her parents, along with their litigators, successfully argued that her medical team should have monitored her heart more closely during the pregnancy. If it had been monitored properly, the midwife would have recognized the baby's fetal distress and could have delivered the baby earlier.

The little girl now suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to take care of herself or speak. Thanks to sophisticated eye-movement electronic equipment, however, she is able to communicate with her parents and caretakers. If your child suffered an injury during the labor or delivery process and you want to know what legal options you may have if medical professional negligence was involved, contact Freedman & Freedman now to set up a case evaluation with a Michigan personal injury attorney from our firm.