Freedman & Freedman Protects Cancer Survivor - Charges Of OWI and Implied Consent Dismissed

A gentleman recently hired Freedman & Freedman to defend him in two related matters arising from a drunk driving arrest. He had been charged with operating while intoxicated and was facing up to 93 days in jail, a fine of $200-$1,000, and/or community service up to 360 hours and permissive vehicle immobilization up to 180 days. He was also charged with violating Michigan's Implied Consent Statute for refusing a chemical test and was facing the mandatory loss of his driver license for one full year.

The client, a two-time throat cancer survivor, had difficulty performing the field sobriety tests due to his continuing cancer-related medical issues. Despite his attempts to cooperate with the police, the client was unable to perform the preliminary breathalyzer test and, ultimately, the police had blood drawn to test the client's blood alcohol content.

Attorney Mark Freedman had several lengthy meetings with the client to discuss and dissect the facts of the case and developed a comprehensive strategy for approaching these related but distinct legal matters. After the meetings, the strategy was implemented and ultimately was very successful. At the implied consent hearing before the Secretary of State, the client's appeal was granted and the implied consent charge dismissed in its entirety. The client did not lose his driving privileges for a single day. At the scheduled trial on the OWI, the Prosecutor was unable to produce the necessary evidence repeatedly demanded by Freedman and Freedman in order to proceed with their case. Accordingly, Freedman and Freedman demanded that all charges against their client be dismissed. The Judge agreed and dismissed all charges. CASE DISMISSED.