Hung-over Teen Playing With iPhone Crashes Car

iPhones, iPads and even iPods are amazing little gadgets. You can have thousands of songs at your fingertips. You can make telephone calls and search the web from anywhere and get turn by turn navigation just by asking. But in the hands of a young, inexperienced driver who also has drugs and alcohol in his system, they spell disaster.

Yesterday, a 17-year-old boy was in a car accident while using his iPhone. He had been drinking alcohol during Royal Oak High School's Homecoming celebrations the night before. The following morning, with alcohol still in his system, he smoked some marijuana. Sometime later in the morning, the boy made a horrible decision to get into a car and drive. As he was driving, the boy decided to find some tunes on his iPhone and as he was searching his phone, he pulled out from Phillips Avenue in Clawson and crashed into another car.

A nearby police officer heard the crash and came over to investigate. He smelled alcohol on the boy and the boy allegedly admitted to partying the night before, admitted to smoking that morning and told the officer he was very hung over. Field sobriety tests were administered and the boy was arrested and detained until he sobered up. Officers claim that the boy drank so much that it was still in his system from the night before.

Fortunately, the boy did not kill himself or anyone else. In fact, no one was injured in the crash. He was lucky. Very lucky.