Boy Scouts of America Hiding Sexual Abuse Cases Since 1919

Little boys often get excited for the day that they can join boy scouts like their older siblings; learn how to rough it in the world can be super exciting. What many parents and children don’t know is that the Boy Scouts’ of America (BSA) are hiding reports about sexual abuse, and so far it appears that they have neglected to tell police of hundreds of reports of child abuse. It seems that in some circumstances the Boy Scouts are not only failing to report the issues, but have at times helped cover the concerns.

The Los Angeles Times states that there are at least 1,600 confidential files about sexual abuse from 1970-1991. It is said that if a child molester were to be dismissed from their job, the BSA would allow them to leave for false reasons so that they wouldn’t have to face the penalties for their crimes; for example business or fake illnesses. This isn’t the only disturbing news about the BSA; the Times reported that there were blacklists discovered that dated back to 1919 which named all of the child molesters within the organization. After some investigation it was discovered by the newspaper that out of the 500 cases of molest and abuse that were brought up by parents or staff, 400 of them had never had an officially filed a document about the concern for abuse.

Out of the 400 cases that were left unreported by the BSA, over 100 of them were deliberately concealed so that the information wouldn’t leak. The concerns for the safety of the children is huge, and at this time the lawyers of the BSA are trying to keep as much of this scandal quiet as they can. If your son has been molested or abused by a BSA parent or leader, don’t wait another moment to take action! Child abuse is a very serious offense by the law, and if a loved one has been one of these victims, they deserve to be fought for. Contact the law office of Freedman & Freedman today for more information!