Serious Crash Injures 3 Near Ann Arbor

A serious car crash closed Zeeb Road this morning near Ann Arbor. The crash that injured 3 occurred when a southbound van collided with a car that was trying to make a left turn out of a gas station. Apparently, traffic was backed up and one person tried to let the car out. However, the driver of the car could not see the van in the other lane. The driver of the car sustained head trauma and a fractured neck. The other two passengers were admitted to the hospital but injuries have not yet been reported. The driver of the van remained unharmed.

Attempting to make a left turn out of a private drive during rush hour is extremely dangerous. Even if a Good Samaritan in the closest lane stops for you and waives you out, you cannot assume that the coast is clear. Always stop and look before crossing any other lanes of traffic. As this driver found out, the failure to look can have disastrous consequences.

If you are a passenger in a car and are injured in a crash caused by your driver's negligence, contact a Michigan auto accident attorney at Freedman & Freedman to determine whether you have a claim for money damages against that driver. We always work on a contingency fee basis meaning you pay nothing unless we are successful in recovering a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

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