Suspected Drunken Driver Kills Friend In Lyon Township Crash

Investigators intend to seek charges against a 28 year old South Lyon man suspected of drunken driving after his friend was killed in a recent head-on collision with a semi-truck. "It sends a message that that's what can happen when you drink and drive," said Oakland County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Mark Venus who investigated the crash. "A night of what you could call "fun" turns into a tragic thing like that. Poor guy's going to have to live with the death of his friend for the rest of his life." The crash occurred when the South Lyon man struck a truck after crossing the center lane and began travelling eastbound on Grand River in the westbound lane. Investigators from the sheriff's Alcohol Enforcement Unit are expected to present a request for OWI charges against the driver to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office in the next couple of days.

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