Lexus General Manager Accused Of Embezzling Thousands

It is being reported that David Alan Proffitt of Howell has been charged with embezzling $50,000 or more but less than $100,000 from Lexus of Ann Arbor. Proffitt, working as the dealership's general manager, allegedly wrote more than 100 checks out to people claiming they were customer refunds. He then allegedly forged signatures on the checks, cashed them and deposed them into personal bank accounts. The exact amount taken is unknown.

Facing embezzlement charges can be humiliating and very upsetting. If you are convicted of embezzling money, you could face very serious punishments which could include jail or prison time, restitution, community service, fines and more. Additionally, if you are accustomed to having employment with a high level of financial responsibility, you could find yourself unable to hold those types of positions again with this type of conviction on your record.

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