ICE Arrests Thousands during Major Operation

Over the course of six days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents worked with law enforcement agencies around the country to detain 3,100 illegal immigrants. Following their teamwork, agencies reported that at least half of those taken into custody were wanted on or had felony convictions. In Michigan, a large number of people arrested. News sources say a total of 67 people were taken into police custody. Officer had warrants for men from a variety of countries including Bosnia, El Salvador, Iraq, Guatemala, Ghana, the United Kingdom and Haiti.

Nationwide, 2,834 of the arrestees had one felony conviction, while 1,000 of those had multiple felony convictions on their records. The people arrested were wanted for crimes including child abuse, drug trafficking, manslaughter, sexual crimes against minor, kidnapping, aggravated assault and several other crimes. A large portion of the men detained were deemed to be immigrant fugitives. These men, 698 in all, were told to return to their countries, but had failed to do so. An additional 559 were illegal re-entrants, people who had already been deported but had managed to cross U.S. a subsequent time. If you have been accused of committing a crime in Michigan and you want to contest the charges filed against you, contact Freedman & Freedman now to get immediate help from an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer from our office!