Hepatitis C Breakout in Hospital: Medical Staffing Company Sued

In Exeter Hospital located in Nebraska hepatitis C outbreak occurred, likely due to one of the hired travel nurses that was working there at the time. In July five separate counts were placed against the medical staffing company, Triage Staffing Inc., for medical negligence in their staffing selections for the hospital that suffered from the outbreak. This staffing company supposedly hires nurses and healthcare workers who travel around the country and give them different locations to work, usually around 13 weeks at a time.

David M. Kwiatkowski is the man being accused of the virus outbreak; he has been involved in the traveling healthcare system for around five years now. The reasoning behind the virus outbreak is because it is believed that Kwiatkowski would abuse different medications in the hospital using the syringes and then placing them back on the self without sterilization of any sort. His blood was then passed into the system of many victims. Kwiatkowski has known about his positive testing for the disease since 2010 and still chose to commit these acts in an area that should have remained sanitary for the patients.

The lawsuit against the triage company is claiming that they failed to do a proper background and history check before hiring the suspect and sending him out of the field for work. According to records over 100 patients were exposed to his viral disease, those only four patients have been tested positive for the actual hepatitis C disease however. Many patients also hold the hospital accountable for not noticing the problems with their employee sooner. If you or someone you know has been exposed to any sort of medical malpractice or negligence know that you are not alone in this. Contact Freedman & Freedman today for the aggressive legal representation that you deserve!