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A misdemeanor is a legal classification for certain types of crimes. It is punishable by a fine, probation and/or confinement in jail. Misdemeanors are contrasted with felonies, which can lead to incarceration in state prison, indicating varying severity in criminal offenses.

While misdemeanors may be considered lesser offenses than felonies, they can still lead to severe consequences. Misdemeanor convictions can result in criminal sentences like fines and jail time and lasting impacts on a person's reputation and prospects. Understanding the implications of misdemeanor charges is essential for making informed decisions when facing such legal issues.

Freedman Law Group handles misdemeanor cases in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills with over 60 years of combined legal experience. This is a very unique court that requires legal counsel with a great deal of experience with this particular court. Our mission is to provide tenacious legal representation for individuals facing charges. We are committed to offering personalized defense strategies tailored to each client's unique circumstances and needs.

If you're facing misdemeanor charges in Rochester Hills, please reach out to us. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case. Call (248) 534-4559 or submit an online contact form.

Examples of Misdemeanor Charges

Misdemeanors encompass a spectrum of legal violations, and their consequences can vary significantly.

Classes of misdemeanors include:

  • Misdemeanors resulting in up to 93 days in jail
  • Misdemeanors punishable by up to 1 year in jail
  • High court misdemeanors punishable by up to 2 years in jail

The penalties for misdemeanor charges can vary widely depending on the specific offense, jurisdiction, and case circumstances.

Below are examples of misdemeanors in Michigan:

  • Assault and battery: Involves physical harm or the threat of harm to another person.
  • Breaking and entering: Relates to unlawful entry into a property or structure.
  • Indecent exposure: Involves exposing one's own or another person’s private parts in a public place.
  • Stalking: Refers to the persistent and unwanted pursuit of another person.
  • Operating while intoxicated: Relates to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Trespass: Involves unauthorized entry onto someone else's property.

Regardless of your charge, retaining an attorney to help fight it and protect your rights is essential.

The Legal Process for Misdemeanors

Individuals must navigate several steps to seek a resolution when charged with a misdemeanor. This process facilitates a fair and just outcome.

The stages of a case may include the following:

  • Arrest: The process often begins with an arrest. Law enforcement authorities detain the individual suspected of committing a misdemeanor.
  • Arraignment: The defendant is brought to court, where the judge reads the charges against them. This moment is critical in the legal process, where the accused becomes aware of the specific allegations and their rights.
  • Entering a plea at Arraignment: The defendant then enters a plea, typically "guilty" or "not guilty." If the plea is "not guilty," the judge may set bond, allowing the defendant to be released from custody while awaiting trial.
  • Pre-Trial Conference: In some cases, a plea bargain may be initiated, where the defendant and their legal counsel negotiate with the prosecutor to reach an agreement that may result in reduced charges or penalties. The outcome of a plea bargain can vary depending on the case's specifics.
  • Trial: The case is set for trial if warranted by the evidence and/or no plea bargain is reached. During the trial, a judge or a jury hears arguments from the prosecution and defense. Evidence is presented, witnesses are called, and legal arguments are made to establish the defendant's guilt or innocence.
  • Verdict: After hearing all the evidence and arguments, the judge or jury renders a verdict. If the defendant is found guilty, a sentence is imposed, including fines, probation, or jail time, depending on the nature of the violation and local laws.

A misdemeanor attorney in Rochester Hills can help you navigate each step in the legal process.

Hiring a Lawyer to Help Fight Your Charge

Legal defenses can be raised in response to misdemeanor charges. The specific defenses mounted will depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. Possible ways to counter allegations may include challenging evidence, questioning witness testimonies, or asserting that your actions were legally justified.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is critical in safeguarding your rights and interests and building a case. These individuals understand the complexities of the legal system, which can be overwhelming for those without legal insight.

Freedman Law Group stands ready to provide tenacious legal representation for individuals facing misdemeanor charges in Rochester Hills.

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